My Adoption Story and Origin Search

My Adoption Story and Origin Search

The search for origin

In 2017 I made the decision to take a DNA test with MyHeritage. When the results arrive, I begin to share them with my brothers, they send me a copy of their family tree that contains ancestors for thirteen generations. This leads me to start creating my family tree, but the paternal side was missing. Now my brother’s starts helping in trying to convince our mother to disclose who my biological father is. Each time she refused to say who he is.

At the time I was a novice in DNA and genealogy matters. Due to lack of knowledge, two communications that had arrived went unnoticed. These people are trying to contact me because we had a connection through DNA. One of them invites me to be part of the MRCA group on Facebook and tells me about putting my DNA on Reluctant to all this, I start to investigate until finally I decide to join the group on Facebook and upload my DNA results on gedmatch. This group has been key, not only in helping me learn, but in the help that all who belong to it have offered. I can’t fail to mention, the blessing it is of having found so many cousins through DNA matching and the relationship created with them. In one way or another we are all united by a common purpose, the search for our origins.

Around April 2018, I decide to do a Y-DNA test on my youngest son. This could provide us with a clue or give us a direction to follow on the search for my biological father. The test results arrive and shows a closest connection to a 1524 Boivin in France. People in the group dealing with these subjects recommend that I ignore this information, since the distance from this ancestor is too far.

At my wife’s insistence, my brother manages to convince our mother to say who my father is. But is impossible for her to say because it is three men that sexually abused her. The emotional shock was immense. To think that one’s father was a person capable of doing such a violent act was very hard. Finally, I was able to understand her reasons for not speaking. At that moment I made the decision to travel to Canada to meet her again and meet my brothers for the first time. At the end of July of that year, I traveled to Canada accompanied by my youngest son whom they did not know.

While all this is going on, the Secretariat for International Adoption (SAI) in Quebec is processing my origins investigation request.

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