My Adoption Story and Origin Search

My Adoption Story and Origin Search

The first meeting

Réjeanne arrives in Puerto Rico with one of her sisters. Communication was quite difficult because of the language barrier; she only spoke French which I did not. In 1996, despite this barrier and today’s technological advances that didn’t exist, we were able to communicate by signs and friends who assisted with the translation. She had the opportunity to meet face to face with her son’s mother, meet and attend a school event for her first grandchild, see the schools where I got my education and how my life had developed.

The relationship between my two mothers seemed to be a good one but difficult because of the language barrier. During her stay in Puerto Rico, she expressed her

wish that I go to live in Quebec. How could just move to a whole new culture that I barely knew? I could not leave behind a whole life, my family and friends just because. Her daily insistence on my transfer kept me very uncomfortable. She returns to Canada and continued the relationship slowly through correspondence, which made it better for her after realizing that my relocation to Canada is not an option. Communication is later lost when I relocate with my family to South Florida in 2003.

1996 Rejeanne and Gustavo during her visit to Puerto Rico. Castillo Serralles, Ponce Puerto Rico.

Among the topics we discussed, we spoke about my biological father. When I asked about him, she replied that he had been a school sweetheart and did not want to touch on the subject anymore. Her wish was respected until 2017 when I took the DNA test.

Five years later we managed to reconnect through my brothers on Facebook. This contributes to improving the relationship and communication is maintained through my brothers.

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