Is adoption right or wrong?

Is adoption right or wrong?

Earlier today I read a post somewhere that said adoption should be abolished. My head’s been going on and on about this. I’ve been trying to put it aside and get on to things I need to prioritize but I can’t. I need to vent about this.

There’s a reason why I was given up for adoption. I don’t exactly why and won’t ever know. What I know is that she had the option to abort the baby. If she did it I wouldn’t be here today writhing this.

If it was because she didn’t want a baby or because she was forced by her family, or maybe because she was sexually abused; maybe she didn’t have economic resources. Which ever was the reason doesn’t matter. What matters is that her love was big enough to give life to that baby.

Some adoptees were very lucky to go into a great family, I’m one of them. Others are not so fortunate. But can we say this was because of adoption? NO! There are many that are with their own biological families that have a horrible life so adoption can’t be blamed for this. It’s someone’s destiny, something out of anyone’s control.Adoption is a choice and a gift.

A choice of a mother to give life and a gift for an adoptee for a chance of a better life. If a better life doesn’t happen, it could’ve been the same with the biological parents.

I am PROUD to be an adoptee!

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