Event Attendance


First of its kind EVENT ever. A time to bond with your family and find your roots. Bring your extended family. We want to meet everyone! A Time to have fun and learn. Time for a getaway vacation for the entire family.


The day everything started

2 August 2018

On this, day magic happened. A group of DNA related cousins meets for the first time in Chicoutimi, Quebec. The unforgettable experience of that day paved the way for AACDQ. Now we want all to have the same experience that bonded this small group and brought them together to help others touched by adoption.

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To make this event happen and make it the most affordable possibility for everyone, we need your help! A headcount is needed to come up with a cost per person. The more that goes, the less it will cost. Your numbers can change at a future date, and there is no commitment from you. Please give us your preliminary headcount by filling out the form below.

We look forward to meeting in person with each member of your family.

The Team at AACDQ

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